Luke Evans talking on “High and Rise,”

Luke Evans is starring in “High and Rise,” a small-budget British film alongside Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons and Sienna Miller.

He said

“I am reviewing projects that have nothing to do with action movies. But who knows, Tom Cruise, at 50, continues to do action movies,” he said.

“In the future I would like to do more films with contemporary themes. Perhaps comedy, which is something I have done in theater but not in cinema,” he went on to say.

Luke Evans: “This Dracula is more human than vampire”

Luke Evans is presenting his new movie “Dracula Untold” in Madrid and shared some of his opinion about the character

He said “This Dracula is more human than vampire,” Evans told Efe. “We did not want to tell a story that everyone already knows by heart. The movie is focused on Vlad Dracula, the historical figure who inspired Stoker’s novel.”

“I think the film contains all necessary ingredients that would appeal to a large segment of the audience,” said Evans

vans said that Universal Company plans to make this Dracula the beginning of a new series of “hero-monsters,” in the vein of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, which would include iconic horror film archetypes such as the Mummy, Frankenstein or the Wolf Man.

“I hope it succeeds,” he said. “For my part, if the audience wanted to see Dracula again, I would be happy to reprise the role. It is an immortal character that can appear anywhere, because it lies beyond time. Possibilities are endless.”

‘Dracula Untold’ Spain photocall

Luke Evans attends the ‘Dracula Untold’ photocall at the Villamagna Hotel on October 21, 2014 in Madrid, Spain.

Dracula Untold Spain photocall Dracula Untold Spain photocall Dracula Untold Spain photocall Dracula Untold Spain photocall

Luke Evans Challenges Burglars With Sword Collection

Luke Evans has issued a warning to Stalkers and thieves trying to break in to his house – he has an impressive collection of swords, and he knows how to use each one.

which he has made ​​it a point to keep your characters weapons used in movies like Dracula Untold and The Three Musketeers as souvenirs, and mounted on the wall.

He explaining :

“The sword I have in the movie is the most beautiful weapon I’ve ever used in a movie. The handle is a bronze dragon standing on his hind feet and his tail wraps around the hilt of the sword and his eyes are rubies.

“It was quite heavy and quite difficult to work with; my wrists increased! I had to change my watch from just my wrists getting bigger from fighting, putting pressure on the wrists, which is a very weird thing. It (sword) was given to me on my final day and it was all inscribed by the Universal family. I feel very lucky to have it, but God help any burglar that tries to enter my house, that’s for sure!”

“Dracula Untold” New York Premiere

Sarah Gadon and Luke Evans attend the premiere of “Dracula Untold” in New York City on October 6 which Luke wearing a Ralph Lauren three-piece suit.

 Dracula Untold New York Premiere Dracula Untold New York Premiere Dracula Untold New York Premiere Dracula Untold New York Premiere

‘Dracula Untold’ Premiere in London

Photo from another event at London, ‘Dracula Untold’ Premiere held on October 12

Dracula Untold Premiere in London

‘Dracula Untold’ Photocall in Rome

Luke Evans and Sarah Gadon At The “Dracula Untold” Rome Photocall held in Rome, Italy on October 3

Dracula Untold Photocall in RomeDracula Untold Photocall in RomeDracula Untold Photocall in RomeDracula Untold Photocall in Rome

Also check out the Press Conference video with Luke Evans and Sarah Gadon

Luke Evans for Spotlite Magazine

Luke Evans featre for Spotlite Magazine (Malaysia) issue 142

Luke Evans for Spotlite Magazine

Luke Evans as Bard on ‘Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’ poster

Here new character poster of Luke Evans as Bard for ‘Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’

Luke Evans as Bard on ‘Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies’ poster

‘Dracula Untold’ Tops Foreign Box Office

Luke Evans’s “Dracula Untold ” rank on topped of the foreign box office earlier this week, beating “Gone Girl” and “Annabelle” abroad with an $33.9 million haul.

Since The Universal Pictures release cost $70 million to produce and has a complete of $ 86.1 million internationally after 14 days of release. The film had 17 new territories in its second week of play overseas called the the top in Russia with $ 9.6 million, Taiwan with $ 1.6 million and Peru grossing $ 969,000.

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