Luke Evans shared love to his Grandpa

Luke Evans tweeted to celebrate 80th Birthday of his Grandaddy

Luke Evans congratulations to OAfrica

Luke Evans latest published photo with caption “@matildegioli congratulations!!! @cash_and_rocket #team27 @oafricaorg @MaisonValentino

Luke Evans done Shanghai trip

After done trip #SHCC trip at Shanghai, Luke Evans latest tweeted say Thank to Shanhai fan and bye bye the country, he promise  to come back soon!

Luke Evans leave Shanghai 01Luke Evans leave Shanghai 02

‘Furious 8’ casts update!

‘Furious 8’ casts has been updated that  Luke Evans and Jason Statham will back As Shaw Brothers. both will return in the movie. After Vin Diesel’s announcement of “Furious 8″ release date that will be April 14, 2017

Now media report news say that Owen Shaw was thought to be dead but was later seen to be barely alive at the beginning of “Furious 7.” Thus, he and his brother Deckard Shaw, who was but shut right at the end of “Furious 7,” could possibly be back in “Furious 8″ to them to seek revenge against Dominic Toretto and his crew

Evans, however, is set to show up in the 2015 films “Three Seconds” and “High Rise” and in the 2016 films “SAS: Red Notice,” “Message from the King” and “Free Fire” plus the 2017 film “Beauty and the Beast.”

Time for Luke Evans for riding

His latest tweeted told “Time for some riding..#magnifique #gaston #stunningweather

One more pic from Beauty and the Beast

Luke Evans try to be ‘recording artist’ as he was recording his film Beauty and the Beast

Luke Evans recording for Beauty and the Beast

Luke Evans  tweeted photo of himself with Josh Gad while recording their voice for Beauty and the Beast project!

Luke Evans @ ‘Audi At The Ballet’

Liv Tyler and Luke Evans are Meet Up at Audi hosts the opening night La Fille Mal Gardee Opening Night performance of La Fille Mal Gardee at The Royal Opera House on Thursday (April 23) in London, England.

Audi At The BalletAudi At The BalletAudi At The BalletAudi At The Ballet

Luke Evans for Prestige magazine

Luke Evans for Prestige magazine (Feb 2015 issue)

Ewan McGregor join Luke Evans’s “Beauty and the Beast”

New casts added to “Beauty and the Beast” live, are Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci

Ewan McGregor is in “final negotiations” to light up the film as Lumiere when Stanley Tucci is grand piano named Credenza which his character describes as a “neurotic maestro.”

Production will reportedly begin in London.

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