Happy 35th Luke Evans Brithday!

Luke Evans  turn to 34th today! (April 15) Happy Brithday Luke! from your fans and Luke-Evans.us staffs! Luke also posted pictured of himself while celebrating birthday

Happy 35th Luke Evans Brithday!

Happy 35th Luke Evans Brithday!

Luke Evans’s Total Film INTERVIEW!

Luke Evans answer all question with Total Film! check the clip below :

Luke Evanss Total Film INTERVIEW!Luke Evanss Total Film INTERVIEW!Luke Evanss Total Film INTERVIEW!Luke Evanss Total Film INTERVIEW!

Luke Evans hope to directing films

Luke Evans revealed his another dream is being The Director

“I’m trying to sort out a short film that I’m writing with a friend of mine, which I would like to direct for my own self, really,” he told Collider.com

“Directing is something I’ve always felt like I’d like to do at one point and I thought the best way to start is to write something myself or with someone and I’d go from there. My own material,” he explained.

” I guess once you’ve been acting for a long time you glean the great bits of good directors and the bad bits from other directors and you know the way that you would like to be directed. Look at Clint Eastwood, for example. There’s a lot of directors who were actors, so they have the sensibility of an actor, which sometimes helps.”

“I think it’ll probably end up being about a 20-minute film. I’m not exactly sure because we haven’t totally finished the script yet, I think the best directors rarely lose their temper. I think the best directors provide you with a safe environment where they can instil you with confidence and allow you to try things out and not feel like you’re failing or that you’re doing it wrong.”

Luke Evans presented of Audi

Thank to Olivia for sharing the clip! here video from automobile manufacturer, Audi published featuring Luke Evans while attending EE BAFTA Film Awards

Luke Evans who presented Among the accolades. In route to the ceremony and talk about his 2014 highlights from his acting career to his Audi S3.

 Luke Evans  presented of Audi Luke Evans  presented of Audi Luke Evans  presented of Audi Luke Evans  presented of Audi

Luke Evans misses on romance in The Hobbit film

Luke Evans said he hope his character Bard finds a good woman!

“He’s incredibly eligible, But he becomes the leader of the human army, and he’s got a big job ahead of him in the third one. But I do hope he finds a good woman.”

Luke Evans said The Hobbit ‘Totally Changed’ His Life

Luke Evans has admitted that he finds it “very weird” since he’s recognised on the street. and he credit to his film The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug which he play as Bard The Bowman

“It was very weird because for a long a time no one really recognised me from my films, but ‘The Hobbit’ has totally changed that and I’ve had some really special moments, especially with youngsters” Evans told Collider.com.

He explain when he was spotted by some children however the adults weren’t so sure while he was out together with his grandparents.

“I took my grandparents to this mine in South Wales a couple of months ago. After the tour we went to the cafe and then we left the cafe and the little girls mum came running out. She says, ‘Look, I hope you don’t mind, but my daughter thinks you’re the character from ‘The Hobbit’ and I know you’re not, but would you just pretend that you are for a second, because she’s obsessed and she thinks it’s you and she followed you into this cafe.’ And I was like, ‘I am Bard the Bowman,’ and she couldn’t believe it” he said.

“She went, ‘Please come and meet my daughter.’ So I went back into this cafe and this little kid, she couldn’t quite believe it, but she said, ‘I told you it was him! I knew it was him!’ Stories like that are really special and really nice.”

Luke Evans talks about the Hobbit and Bard the Bowman Welsh accent

Luke Evans speak to Yahoo about his Welsh accent for  Bard the Bowman role in The Hobbit

When the host asked how he approached the character of Bard, who I say is among the best characters in the Hobbit films because he’s much more moral and heroic than Thorin and has a household to maintain too.

Luke said

“There’s a lot to him. But I think when I first started studying the role and creating and building up Bard’s character, I had to focus on what was there in front of me. At that point of the story when we first meet him, he’s just a dad; he’s a single parent living in a horrible place called Lake-town! He has no money, he’s not able to make any money – and he sees these dwarves who show him some money, and he thinks he can make a little bit of extra money to look after his kids. That’s who he is at that point; and I guess at that point that’s all I wanted to focus on”

When Peter and Philippa and Fran went back to look over the audition tapes, when they were ready to cast Bard the Bowman, which was almost eighteen months later, they sort of acknowledged my Welsh accent. I think they realized then that it sounded good, and that it could potentially be a valid accent for Bard. So when I did go on tape for the second audition, which was my final audition, I had a long conversation with them on the phone, and they asked me if I would go on tape and actually do the Welsh accent as an option, to see if it worked … we did it, and they loved it – and it became part of Bard’s nature”

He then goes on to say that to make it authentic the rest of Bard’s family, so his three children, and any other ancestors of Dale were cast with a Welsh accent saying “What I didn’t realize at the time was how much it would then play a role in the film. You know, any descendants of Dale that were still alive in Lake-town, such as Bard and his kids, they all had Welsh accents as well; so we ended up casting quite a lot of Welsh accented people from New Zealand, to speak with Welsh accents, which was really very nice!”

Luke Evans in London

Luke Evans was spotted at the London Studios in London, England on March 27

Luke Evans in LondonLuke Evans in LondonLuke Evans in LondonLuke Evans in London

Luke Evans on Whosay (March 28)

Luke Evans  post picture via his Whosay again on March 28 with message 

Luke Evans on Whosay (March 28)

Luke Evans amazing in The Hobbit casts

Luke Evans  among co-stars of The Hobbit! – via Heiso2

Luke Evans amazing in The Hobbit casts




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