DRACULA UNTOLD New poster! Luke Evans transforms into Bat

Dracula Untold release new poster with Luke Evans who seem transforming into Bat in the new poster

DRACULA UNTOLD New poster! Luke Evans transforms into Bat

Intense Dracula Untold clip

Luke Evans feature in Intense Dracula Untold clip

DRACULA UNTOLD international trailer

Luke Evans for ‘The Style Report’

Luke Evans feature on The Style Report A/W ’14 issue. He’s wearing Raf Simons and Dolce & Gabbana

‘The Style Report’ available on matchesfashion.com

Luke Evans for The Style ReportLuke Evans for The Style ReportLuke Evans for The Style ReportLuke Evans for The Style Report

2 Photos of Luke Evans, new haircut!

Yeah posted by himself! check out new hair style :)

2 Photos of Luke Evans, new haircut!2 Photos of Luke Evans, new haircut!

Luke Evans done for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Luke Evans done for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and he nominated to Sir Ian McKellen, Sienna Miller and Henry Cavill #icebucketchallenge

Luke Evans : Dracula movie is Not His ‘Cup Of Tea’

Lead actor, Luke Evans admit that the vampire movies ‘Dracula Untold’ is not his ‘Cup Of Tea’

“To be honest with you, vampire films aren’t really my cup of tea. But I don’t feel like I’m in a quintessential vampire film, because we’re telling a different story, which gives it a different entity.”

“I certainly didn’t want to make another movie that’s ‘just another Dracula film’. That’s why I think the title’s appropriate – it’s the untold story of the beginnings of one of the most famous vampires who’s ever been written about.”

Luke Evans in Bangor

@I_Am_A_Twit_ tweeted picture with Luke Evans mention that “met @TheRealLukevans & @mr_wheatley in Bangor! AMAZING! Thanks for stopping & chatting guys!”

Luke Evans in Bangor

Luke Evans visit Ka-boom

Luke Evans seem visiting Ka-boom Post, the TV and Film based in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Luke Evans visit Ka boom

Listen Luke Evans explain how different of his Dracula

Luke Evans talk with Screen rant as the actor Explains What Makes His Dracula Different

When asked : This is a character-driven version of Dracula. From your point of view what is the change between the pre-vampire Vlad/Dracula and the post Dracula? Besides the fangs obviously.

Luke Evans: Well you meet Vlad at the beginning of the film and he’s in a good place, he’s had 10 years of peace. He’s in a loving relationship with his beautiful wife and he has a good kid. His people are happy and everything is prosperous, so he’s quite in a good place. Then a threat comes of an invasion by the Ottoman empire, he loses his security and becomes quite vulnerable. The cracks start to show, you see his weaknesses and you see he’s a very vulnerable leader. Then he gains this gift in a way, these powers that he has after he chooses to become a vampire and you see a different character. I guess he becomes more confident, he has hope all of a sudden in a different way.

He also has these abilities which he didn’t have before which no one else knows about but he’s aware he can do these things; he can speak to you without opening his mouth and you can hear what he’s saying and all those things and he can fly and jump, he’s immortal and can heal. I think that sort of stuff is good to play on. As we go further into film, I get to play those internal confident boosting moments. I think there’s a lot of Vlad that you see in the beginning, that you see at the end. The important thing that we wanted to do we wanted to impress in the character of Vlad and Dracula, when he becomes the vampire, is that you see the human in the vampire. We don’t want to disassociate the two people we want to keep them the same person, the same emotional drive he has at the beginning of the film and the reasons why he does what he does are still prevalent at the end of the film. So, in a way he’s the same person but in a way he isn’t and he has other things going on.

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